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How the Brain Buzz Program bridges the gap between a life of existence and a life of purpose.

The Brain Buzz | Shrink & Co.
The Brain Buzz is a program developed by Shrink & Co. that assists with the transfer of learnt cognitive skills to improve everyday life.

What is Brain Buzz?

The Brain Buzz is a game-changing program designed to help individuals living with mental disabilities to improve their daily life and take care of their most important organ – their brain! In essence, The Brain Buzz is an individualised cognitive training program which aims to enhance your thinking skills. The Brain Buzz integrates a whole-system approach to changing people’s lives so they can better engage life to the fullest. 

How does The Brain Buzz program help?

Participating in The Brain Buzz is similar to the reason people go to the gym to improve muscle strength. It increases the muscles or “neural connections” in our brain to enhance our cognitive skills for everyday life. 

The program is based on the therapeutic approaches of Cognitive Remediation combined with other forms of therapy such as individual or group-based interventions and Occupational Therapy. This assists with the transfer of learnt cognitive skills. Research studies have shown this to be effective in treating clients who experience cognitive deficits. 

The Brain Buzz program helps bridge the gap between a life of existence and a life of purpose.

Freedom & Independence
With The Brain Buzz, you’ll learn daily skills to help with stress management, routines, self-care and self-management.

What sort of things will I do?

The Brain Buzz is an individual or group-based therapy program. The program consists of a number of one hour sessions per week. As part of the program, you will be gain access to an exclusive work booklet which you will use throughout the program and it will be yours to keep. The booklet will help you better understand the concepts you are learning and give you a space to work out your thoughts and feelings as you go along.  

What life-skills do I learn?

You will gain a number of strategies that will help you optimise your life!

You will gain skills to help manage stress, be more prepared for your day, and take more control of your daily schedule so you can do more! 

You’ll learn how to improve your thinking skills to help your everyday life.

You’ll learn daily skills to help with stress management, routines, self-care and self-management 

You’ll learn new communication skills 

And you’ll develop some new friendships along the way!

We don’t you to just keep going through the motions; we want to see you live a better life! Our team of allied health professionals including psychologists, occupational therapists and mental health nurses aim to provide a wholistic approach that best supports and cares for your needs and goals. 

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