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Real Support for Support Coordinators

A better, more reliable level of care for your clients,
means a better, happier you.


We understand how you feel.

There are some really unique challenges for Support Coordinators to juggle
in the day to day care of your clients.
Quality of care can sometimes be very inconsistent



We help you maintain the quality and consistency of client services by offering many of the services in-house. For other services – we offer support and training.

There is often poor communication between Service Providers



By offering many of the services your client needs in one place, we help reduce the blurred lines of communication that can often cause frustration.

High staff turnover often results in unskilled workers



We offer training and support to service providers to help reduce staff turnover and ensure a consistent quality of service to your client.

Services are fragmented between providers



We solve the problem of silos by offering a range of services under one roof.

Shrink & Co. offers better support for Support Coordinators.

At Shrink & Co., we understand the vital role Support Coordinators play in an individual’s care. We also know how frustrating it can be when Service Providers have a high turnover of staff, and often leave you to step in and manage the fallout.

We help reduce the headaches of coordinating multiple service providers by offering many of the services your client needs in one place.

For the services we don’t offer, we are able to train new support workers and upskill existing ones to consistent levels that meet or exceed industry standards. This helps minimise staff turnover and gives you peace of mind that your client is being supported by well-trained and dedicated carers.
The result is happier, more confident support workers and a happier less-stressed you!

The next step could be your best step.
Talk to our team about the solutions you need.

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