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Quality Assurance

Robust Quality Assurance frameworks ensure we maintain consistently high standards, above and beyond industry expectations.


Our accreditations and certifications are a testimony to our emphasis on quality. We want you to have the confidence that you are getting the best.


We know of no other private outpatient practice that has achieved this level of accreditation in Australia.

Safety & Quality Performance

Shrink & Co. is committed to providing transparent and accountable reporting of its healthcare system to staff, consumers and the community. We are committed to implement ways to continually improve our systems and processes. Shrink & Co. aims to improve safety for patients by minimising key risks and optimising the quality of the services we provide. In each of our facilities, we focus on known risks to our patients which may include: medication safety, infection control and suicide.

Infection Control

At Shrink & Co. we aim to minimise the risk of infections to patients, staff and visitors by:

  1. All staff completing hand hygiene training
  2. All staff completing COVID-19 Infection control training
  3. All staff must be fully immunised
  4. Having comprehensive infection control policies and procedures
  5. Following the Australian Guidelines on infection control and the Aseptic Non-touch technique clinical framework

Medication Safety

In order to reduce medication errors:

  1. All nursing staff must complete annual medication safety training
  2. Only appropriately trained and credentialed staff can administer medication
  3. Having comprehensive medications safety policies and procedures.

All medication incidents are investigated and actioned and monitored through the clinical governance committee. Shrink & Co. take all medication errors very seriously and we encourage staff to report all incidents no matter how minor.

Mental Health & Suicide Risk

In order to reduce the risk of suicide all practitioners must complete suicide prevention training.

Only appropriately trained and credentialed staff can provide mental health treatment and support.

Open Disclosure

Every effort is made to minimise risk, unfortunately, incidents do occur and Shrink & Co. support open disclosure.  This is the process of open communication with patients and families when an incident results in unintended harm.  It involves discussion of the incident, investigation and any actions taken to improve the care delivered and ensure the incident is not repeated.


These certifications & accreditations apply to the following locations:

Suite 105 Eastside Robina, 6 Waterfront Place, Robina QLD 4226
Suite 21 Wharf Central, 75-77 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485