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Unlock Greater
NDIS Funding

If you need to maintain or increase your NDIS funding, but don’t know where to start – we can help you.


Are you finding it hard to navigate the world of NDIS?

“NDIS is like a maze. It’s just so complicated.”

Do you have a NDIS plan but don’t really know how to use it? Do you feel lost about how to improve your life through NDIS?

We can help.

“How do I get the necessary assessments, diagnosis and reports to support my application?”

Do you wish there was one place you could go that helped you through the whole NDIS journey? Assessment, Diagnosis, Application and ongoing treatment and care?

We can help.

“How do maintain or increase may NDIS funding?”

Has your NDIS plan been cut? Are you at risk of losing funding under your current NDIS plan? Do you want to maximise your NDIS funding in the future?

We can help.

"I need a registered NDIS provider who can advocate for the appropriate levels of support on an ongoing basis."

NDIS Access | Shrink & Co

Shrink & Co. are registered NDIS providers. Our professional advocacy helps you access the funding you need – for you and the people you care about.

Unlike Medicare, getting access to NDIS is not automatic.  Being eligible only puts you on the ‘shortlist’.  Then there is the need to prove your eligibility – as well as the need. Shrink & co. specialise in helping eligible people prove eligibility and need.

We walk you through the entire process, from making a diagnosis, to functional capacity assessments and determining the smallest details of what you will need.

You can rest easy knowing your NDIS funding application is in good hands.

Our goal, as with all our clients, is to deliver peace of mind by getting you the right level of care. Our foundational assessments unlock NDIS funding and offer ongoing support for treatment and care.

  • Secure new or recurring NDIS funding
  • Receive a foundational assessment written for NDIS
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing you are covered for future treatment and care.

Requesting Access.

We start by getting you on to the NDIS, by navigating its complex pathways.  We do this every day, so we have become very familiar with the process, and are pretty good at it!

Preparing for Review.

We prepare for the NDIS review by providing clear evidence of psychosocial need, including the quantum required to improve and maintain your quality of life.

Establishing Evidence.

Providing specialist-level evidence of diagnosis, deficits, needs and costs.  We know what NDIS are looking for, so our documentation is clear and targeted.

The next step could be your best step.
Talk to our team and get the tools and support you need.