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Easing the burden of care for
Parents & Carers.

Achieve greater independence for you and your child.
Learn new skills and celebrate their achievements.


We understand how you feel.

The responsibility and pressures of being a primary carer for someone with a mental disability
means you can often feel helpless, overwhelmed and alone.
You can feel like you have lost your social life, independence and freedom.


We work with your child to develop life skills and greater independence – helping reduce the burden of care placed on you.

Support workers lack skill and experience, and aren’t consistent enough to build trust over time.


We offer training and support to service providers and support workers to help ensure your child receives quality service from familiar faces.

Schools don’t understand your child and won’t work alongside you to help manage their needs.


We work with teachers and support staff to educate them and give them the tools and resources they need to help your child succeed.

The constant challenge of managing your child means your own mental health is constantly being aggravated.


We are mental health experts and are able to support you as you navigate the challenges of caring for your child.

Shrink & Co. offers real, ongoing support for Parents & Guardians.

At Shrink & Co., we understand how hard it is to care for a child with a mental disability. We know that it can sometimes be really embarrassing being out in public when your child misbehaves. We know this can often result in isolation from family and friends, and a suffocated social life – which ultimately impacts on your own mental health.

We don’t want this to be your story. We want you to live a life you can’t imagine was possible.

Part of the solution we offer is working with your child to develop new skills to help them cope with the things that can overwhelm them in every day life. We offer programs to help bridge the gap between their current capabilities and the things they’d love to be able to do themselves. You can read more about that here.
We also help train the support workers that interact with your child, ensuring constancy and quality of care.
Finally, we help look after you – so that you and your family can begin to live your best life ever.

The next step could be your best step.
Talk to our team and get the tools and support you need.

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