Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) -
Support for Carers.

If you’re supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – we want to support you.


Have you ever found yourself
saying these things?

“I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work!”

Do you sometimes feel helpless, affected by your loved-one’s behaviour? Caring for a loved one with Autism (ASD) can make you feel isolated from friends and family, embarrassed, or fearful for your safety and the safety of others.

We understand, and we can help.

“I don’t understand why they are behaving the way they are. I need answers!”

“I just want to know WHY my loved one is behaving in this way.
I feel that if I knew more about Autism (ASD), I could help more.”

We understand, and we can help.

“I want my loved one to find new levels of independence.”

Do you wish your loved one living with Autism (ASD) could find new levels of independence and learn new life skills? Do you want to give them a sense of accomplishment and reduce their reliance on others?

We understand, and we can help.

"I can't always control their outbursts. Sometimes I get scared. Sometimes I get embarassed if I'm out in public. Sometimes my friends and family don't call or visit. It's hard. I just don't know what to do in these situations."

Full Time Carer | Shrink & Co

Shrink & Co. are experts in providing support for carers of individuals with Autism (ASD) and other cognitive, mental health, physical or behavioural disabilities.

At Shrink & Co., we know how important it is for parents, guardians, and carers to have the support they need.

Taking care of someone with Autism (ASD) is a full-time job. There is little respite, and you can often feel overwhelmed, isolated and helpless. It’s not just enough that the ones you care for get the support they need. It’s vital that you are able to navigate your own life challenges with confidence and strength.

We understand. That’s our job – to help people just like you, live their best life ever.

We have a number of assessments and programs developed to support families and carers. Our proprietary Brain Buzz program assists carers to be released from some of the burden of everyday dependency. We do this by removing barriers to your loved-one’s learning, and providing peace of mind about their future. Taking more responsibility for everyday tasks releases you – and gives your loved one a sense of achievement and purpose.
Bridges Project is our very own functional recovery program. It is broadly based on Occupational Therapy principles. Its areas of specialisation including mental health, rehabilitation, and cognitive remediation. It is tailored to the needs of each participant based on their individual goals.
Enabling your loved one in their own environment gives you both the confidence to encourage and celebrate greater independence.

Let’s Start a Conversation.

Simply fill in your details and you will be able to schedule a time with one of our client success advocates. They will then call you to evaluate your situation and schedule an appointment. We’ll have you talking to a subject matter expert within 72 hours.

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Find relief from
the burden of care.

Find peace of mind for yourself and get the tools and resources you need to better support your loved-one.

Experience increased
independence for carers.

Teach your loved one the life skills they need for greater independence and future goals.

Celebrate & encourage
new skills for everyday living.

Celebrate your loved-one as they learn new skills that help release you from the everyday burdens you may currently be experiencing.